Unprepared is a podcast where two friends, Jesse and Kevin, sit down with no preparation and have a conversation.
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Jun 30, 2017

This week Jesse and Kevin talk about beach houses, granite countertops, floating, old superheroes, our sponsors, couch talk, brunch, tacos vs breakfast tacos, post brunch naps, racist mascots on mustard, talking to strangers, Irish names, The Gospel According to Jesse, languages that aren't English, languages that are English, sounds in your mouth, bad accents, the Gettysburg Address. 


(Recorded on June 19, 2017.)


The Fall by Gorillaz was recorded entirely on an iPad.

Cast is a website that can record, edit, and host podcasts for you.

Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted a funny thing about Wonder Woman.

Jesse recommends the pabellon arepa at the Four Brothers food truck.

Kevin recommends Biderman's Deli.

There's actually a lot of Romance languages.


Jun 23, 2017

This week Jesse and Kevin talk about important books, holidays in June, Buck Mulligan, new holidays, moon shoes, MILF Island, the assassination of JFK, a potato stool sculpture, pants that get hot in the summer, empty cities, two Six Flagses, butter sculpture, day trippin', kolaches, confederate monuments, communicating through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs, shaving Jesse's legs, losing library books, losing cats, tearing tyvek, the volume of a sphere, keychain cards, the beach.

(Recorded on June 19, 2017.)


Ulysses is arguably the most important, or best, novel in the English language.

Jesse learns about Juneteenth.

Rhode Island state holiday, Victory Day, celebrates killing millions of Japanese people.

Jesse and Kevin invent Moon Day to celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Jesse gets very upset about Dallas, TX.

Big Tex is a large robot demon cowboy.

Pegasus is not a phoenix.

Kevin has lots of fun with a new app.

Kevin describes a recent textmergency.

Kevin got a new wallet made out of Tyvek.


Jun 16, 2017

This week Jesse and Kevin talk about pictures of Kevin's face, the length of Jesse's hair, mullets, braids, middle school hair, haul videos, beards, shaving, grey hairs, commentary on commentary, walking in the rain, weird register jockey stories, real margaritas, graduation, bighead, and orb.



(Recorded on May 22, 2017.)


Kevin recorded a commentary for Jesse's other show, Project Unicorn.

Jesse used to get badly sunburned while volunteering for Soulfest.

Academic dress is complicated and fun.

Sheriff David Clark is wearing a bunch of garbage on his chest.


Orb 0
Jun 9, 2017

This week Jesse and Kevin talk about Orb.


You can follow us on Twitter @unprepped. We don't have a facebook. 

(Recorded on May 22, 2017.)


Groups of people are very bad at remembering things properly.

Jesse got into playing Cookie Clicker and Adventure Capitalist.


We discuss the weirdness of David Lynch.

Kevin still watches Survivor.

There are lots of words for the centigrade scale.


Jun 3, 2017

Kevin is on vacation right now, so he hasn't had time to listen to this episode. That means Jesse could have put literally anything in the file for this episode. Let's hope he didn't. 

 (Recorded on May 15, 2017.)


John Hodgman wrote some great books on Complete World Knowledge.

He also has a stand-up special that Jesse liked, but Kevin didn't.

Sandwiches are famously difficult to define.

Porn is also hard to define, like these videos of people smushing bread.

Jesse enjoyed some pie, Kevin enjoyed some blintzes, and someone on the internet got mad about grilled cheese.

Jesse has had very bad experiences with productions of The Vagina Monologues and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Kevin and Jesse share some experiences with daddy longlegs.

Let John Oliver teach you about the injustice of food waste.

Watch Movies with Mikey's new video on The Emperor's New Groove.