Unprepared is a podcast where two friends, Jesse and Kevin, sit down with no preparation and have a conversation.
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Mar 30, 2017

You know what ages really well? April Fools jokes. So we did one. There's no new episode on Friday. But there is on Saturday! April Fools! I guess. 


This week Jesse and Kevin talk about weird ways to open cans, compostable knives, drumming too hard, dudes afraid of singing songs written for women, tiny trains, people who love tiny trains, eating bugs, Future Train, mummy myths, fun Bill Murray Facts, made up movies and their crossovers, recasting movies with muppets, rifftrax, being threatened in public, slaps, drinking the blood of younger people, complicated tables, eating cereal, #brands.



How Far I'll Go is Moana's "I want" song.

There's a lot of different scales for model trains.

Apparently they're eating a lot of bugs in Snowpiercer. (There's a lot of bugs in the world.)

Mummies were not actually burned as fuel.

Supertrain is coming. Have a small bag packed.

The Muppets would improve literally any movie.

The Incomparable did a great episode about The Good Place.

RiffTrax is doing a live show about The Five Doctors.

Dave Chappelle's new Netflix specials are very transphobic.

Two good specials that you should watch are Mike Birbiglia's Thank God for Jokes and Ali Wong's Baby Cobra.

Flamme Rouge is a board game about bike racing.

Mar 24, 2017

This week Jesse and Kevin talk about writing, guns, and fast food.


I never remember to tell you that you can follow us on twitter @unprepped

We still don't have a facebook.



Reddit's /WritingPrompts.

writing-prompt-s dot tumblr dot com

Kevin explains how Shakespeare was originally published.

La Ronde is an interestingly structured French play.

Factorials make numbers get very big.

Kevin is interested in the University of Texas Tower Shooting as a playwriting topic.

'Campus Carry' took effect in Texas universities on the 50 year anniversary of the UT Tower shooting, protested delightfully by Cocks Not Glocks.

Chris Rock advocates for bullet control.

Mar 17, 2017

This week Jesse and Kevin talk about witches in Riverdale, Ace representation, man-threading, overly-masculine spaces, the netflix-everything else exchange rate, troubleshooting tiny computers, getting naked for ESD safety, googling the answer, terminal commands, destroying your personal life through cooking, bbq, buying rich people things, cheap glassware, garage sale, first edition DVDs, CHS horror movies, funny cactuses, bad Adam Sandler movies, representation on TV, and badass presidents.



The CW has better shows than Jesse expected, including Riverdale.

Kevin and Jesse very much dislike the Nazi haircut and the fuckboy haircut.

Kevin has been tinkering with the Raspberry Pi.

Kevin is learning Python the hard way.

Kevin wants replicators and Jesse wants transporters.

Jesse particularly enjoyed the Chef's Table episode about Nancy Silverton.

Jesse's friend has a podcast about cassette music.

Jesse finished and loved The Good Place.

Alan Sepinwall has a great interview with Mike Schur about The Good Place.

Television shows that represent the under-represented:

Selected favorite sitcom moments:

Mar 10, 2017

This week Jesse and Kevin and talk about *beer noise,* tasty beverages, walking near rivers, silly sombreros, relative distances in Texas, gigantic gas stations with great bathrooms, three wolf moon t-shirts, Star Trek preschools, suit shopping, big and tall nook part 2, phones getting bigger, more trains, party buses, a variety of strippers with a variety of genders, space monkeys, Beyoncé getting robbed in the grammys, vinyl people, "I want" songs, EGOTs, Earth 2, trees are hands, eating human flesh in video games, MMORPGS, drugs.



Jesse went to The Alamo, but missed the basement.

Amazon's AWS went down and the internet was broken for a while.

Susan J. Fowler's blog post kicked off a very bad couple of weeks for Uber.

Boston Dynamics has a new nightmare robot.

Kevin likes Janelle Monáe for her afrofuturism. (Watch this)

The music of Coheed and Cambria tells a complex concept story.

Ookla the Mok has a concept album about Gorilla City.

Kevin really likes the Moana soundtrack.

Kevin tries to explain the complicated family tree of The Flash.

Jesse's favorite cartoon, Samurai Jack, returned for season 5 after a ten year hiatus.

Kevin enjoys Touch the Skyrim.

We used to play a lot of Eve Online and RuneScape.

Mar 3, 2017

This week Jesse and Kevin talk about naps, waking up early, ice cream, the passage of time, reading games, chambers with secrets in them, vampires, getting back into bed, finding the time to write, reading all the books, 33 Minutes, watching the oscars through twitter, how to make coffee, macaroni soup, and the best way to cook pasta.



Chris Rock has a great bit on jobs versus careers.

Kevin is excited to play the new Torment RPG.

Paul Dean's article about Stardew Valley makes Kevin want to write more.

Notable Twitter accounts:

Kevin's biggest writing influences were David Ives, David Mamet, and Aaron Sorkin.

Kevin thinks Jesse would enjoy The Expanse and the Battlestar Galactica board game. But Jesse's not so sure.

Moka pots make great coffee.

Bannock bread is an easy quick bread.

The cold water pasta method is some bullshit. (Sorry Kevin and Alton).